Information that grace will ask for at your consult

1. Family and friends that you want photographed.

2. Location and full address of wedding venue, reception venue, or any location that Grace should be present at.

3. Email/phone number of your other wedding vendors so that she can coordinate with them.

4. A timeline of events.

5. Dress code/attire for your wedding.

Items to bring to your consult

1. Do you have a planner or book that compiles all your ideas? Bring that! This ensures that you and Grace won't miss a beat in your conversation.

2. A written timeline of events. Grace likes to know where to be and when to be there. She wants to capture the important moments and she can't do that if she doesn't have this information

3. Your retainer fee is paid the day of the consult. It is a fee of $100 to hold your date.


1. Q. What is a retainer fee?

   A. This ensures that your date is held for you. Grace does not schedule other appointments on the same day as your wedding, but she will not hold your date without a retainer fee.

2. Q. Can I lose my date before the consult?

    A. No, of course not! Your date is held, without the retainer fee, until the time of your consult.

3. Q. Is there a contract that I have to sign?

    A. Yes. It is in Grace's favor and your own. In guarantees what can and cannot happen on both sides and is presented at the time of your consult. Please read it thoroughly.