Christina's Story: "Clean cup, move down."

Christina Breen

Age: 37

Married: 5 yrs.

Kids: 6

Favorite quote: “Clean cup, move down.” - Alice in Wonderland

A.K.A Crazy chicken lady, neonatal kitten rescue team member and foster, speed-reader, make-up lover, and horror movie junkie


Christina described herself by talking about her family and her mistakes. She is incredibly bold and brave. She defined herself by Christ, family, mistakes, and success. She credits God for helping her break the cycles she has been in. She is experienced in breaking cycles, as she is five years sober and wants to “be a platform of breaking cycles” for others.


              From years three through fourteen, she was placed into the cruel world of human trafficking. This led to a life in the adult entertainment industry at the tender age of seventeen. She’s been kidnapped at gunpoint and raped. She said, at first, she coped with drugs and alcohol. That all changed when she met a group of women, formally known as Bruised Reed who “loved all over her” and brought God to her attention by coming every Wednesday and taking her to lunch and church.

“A bruised reed He will not break…” - Matthew 12:20

“A bruised reed He will not break…” - Matthew 12:20

Even though God has been brought to her attention, she suffers from four autoimmune disorders and, for a short time, was in a wheelchair. She currently takes weekly chemo pills to help slow down the rate of these disorders. This is where her determination quickly becomes even more obvious.

Does Christina feel more limited than others?

No. Hm-mm,” she shook her head, “I won’t let these diseases stop me. I don’t have time for that.
— Christina Breen

How does Christina define success?

Setting a goal, doing whatever you can to reach it. You may not always reach it, but you’re working on it.
— Christina Breen

Is Christina at the top of her game? Can she go higher?

We all have room for growth. You can always go higher.
— Christina Breen

How did Christina cope through her toughest years?

At first I used alcohol and drugs. Then, I turned to the Lord.” She also added that she realized she couldn’t change her prior decisions and that dwelling on the past grows “an ugly, thorny bush.
— Christina Breen

Would Christina change the past?

No.” She then said, in addition, “Everything that happened led to this point.
— Christina Breen

Christina’s successes:

Christina has been sober five years. She credits a part of her success to her husband of five years, who she lovingly calls “amazing” and “her person.” She has managed to work her way up the Mary Kay ladder and has become a director, which puts her in the top 2% of the company as a whole.

Christina’s Goals:

Her ultimate and first goal is to, in her words, “spread the word of the Lord.” She wants to help other women in breaking their cycles as she did. She wants to be an inspiration. In the next year, she sees herself as: an elite Mary Kay director, a better version of herself. She wishes to become a better person.

When asked what advice she would give to someone currently in her place or someone who was in her place, Christina simply said: “Start over,” and returned to her favorite quote, “Clean cup, move down.” She wishes to remind others that they can always get a clean cup.

Clean cup, move down.
— Alice in Wonderland

On a side note, Christina’s family came over from another part of the venue we were at and had a small impromptu photo-shoot and I simply had to include these adorable moments.