Every Day is an Adventure - My Sister's First Maternity Session

In the last 28 weeks, my family has been so excited for the arrival of my second nephew, who, for privacy’s sake, I will call “J”. “J” will be my sister and brother-in-law’s first born. Saturday, I had the pleasure of capturing part of their Journey. My sister, let’s call her “A”, walked me through so much of their adventure, that I felt like I was part of it. Have I ever told you I love adventures?

Then the stress of every new type of session kicked in. Low in-house lighting was new to me for sessions. It wasn’t dark enough for my usual flash techniques, so I had to learn new ones on the spot. Suddenly, low-light photography appeals to me.


I had never done a lifestyle session before Saturday. It was a nice change with a harsh contrast to what I usually do - outdoor portrait sessions and weddings. It wasn’t nearly as fast-paced and we had to wait a few times for my canine niece and nephew to calm themselves when I would move. Every image was worth it.


I’ve come to realize as I work in post processing, that I love any photographic challenge I can get my hands on. Even though photographing my sister and brother-in-law at their house wasn’t all that much of a “challenge”, it was different and was clearly a new adventure for me.


And I love adventures.

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