The Hendershots - Isaac and Catherine's Big Day - StarGazer Photography

I have known Catherine since elementary school. When Catherine, Isaac, and I got together for their engagement shoot, I was so glad to see the way she looked at him - so glad she found the love of her life.

Their wedding day was simple, beautiful, and went off without a hitch (other than their getting hitched). I arrived at around 11:00 AM to capture memories of Catherine getting ready.


I remember, since I’ve known her, Catherine has always had a watch on her wrist and I was concerned that she might break character and not wear her watch on her wedding day. Thank goodness, I was wrong.


After only meeting Isaac twice, I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what to expect from him. I usually have to force him to smile with his teeth. Sometimes at all. However, this usually makes him laugh, so he hasn’t made it too hard on me. :)

Isaac and the (adorable) ring bearer.

Isaac and the (adorable) ring bearer.

The wedding party was hilarious. The girls were so pleasant to work with and were happy to follow me around and put up with my constant mind changing. I happily doubled as their phone bearer, as I let them pile all their phones into my prop bag.


Then, there were the guys. They teased me every which-a-way and were all too happy to comply with my ideas and throw more ideas my way. They were full of brotherly banter and attitude and I loved it!

It was a process.

It was a process.


The ceremony was beautiful, spiritual, and funny.


From the sound of laughter eminating from the congregation, it was plain to see that they were well known and loved by all who were seated and standing. Have you ever been in a room or in an area and all you feel is love? I have.